There are so many reasons why people travel to Iran. For some travelers Iran is a different destination to explore, for others Iran it is the rich variety of Cultural, historical archaeological sites, or hospitality of people.
When we started Adventure Iran our goal was to provide some remarkable travel experiences for adventure tourists but as the company grew up we saw the need of providing travel services for those who intend to visit the country and are not adventurist. Furthermore, even 9 out of 10 adventurists who travel to Iran have the curiosity to see and explore the urban destinations as well. This experience made us think of a kind of combined exploring tours where travelers can have adventure mixed with exploring tours where possible.
So for those who do not wish to have activity we can tailor make their itineraries with a touch of seeing historical villages and/or intact places along their route from one place to another covering main urban destinations and touristic places such as historic castles, caravanserais, oasis villages etc.